Social Media and Online Marketing Trends for 2012

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It seems that social networks and the Internet in general have been playing an increasingly important role in our lives. While the online world hasn’t completely displaced our real-world connections, we certainly rely on it as a way to socialize, follow news and events, shop, find information, and otherwise live digitally. As we said in […]

Timelines Are Coming to Facebook Pages This Month: Are You Ready?

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All Facebook Pages, including your company’s, will be updated with the new Facebook Timeline layout by the end of March. An update may be needed to make sure your Page looks and performs correctly. The Facebook Timeline is an extension of the original Facebook layout that offers new features and a new look, but could […]

6 ways to become unlikable: Is your Facebook Page alienating your friends?

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Facebook Pages are great for keeping your company’s fans updated on the latest developments, promotions, and information about your company and industry. Visitors who click the “Like” button on your Page will be able to see posts from your Facebook Page when they access their Facebook timeline. “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t […]

Five reasons why your business should make a Facebook Page

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Since Facebook introduced “Facebook Pages” in 2007, a wide array of organizations, businesses, celebrities, and brands have been using them to broadcast information to those “followers” or “fans” who choose to connect with them. Having a Facebook Page has garnered considerable buzz in the marketing world, but it does require some effort to have a successful Page. […]

Around the Office: Twitter town hall, Tilt-shifting the classics, more

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Around the Office is a weekly group blog that shows what the team and Kobayashi Online have found interesting, funny, poignant, or otherwise notable over the past week. This week, US President Barack Obama answered questions on the economy and jobs in his first Twitter town hall. Obama’s use of contemporary media has been cleverly […]

Beyond the Big Three: Other Social Networks You Should Know About

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We’ve written before about the opportunities to connect with customers via the top consumer social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A small business can use these networks to share company news and insights, communicating to current and potential clients that the company is active and knowledgeable in its area of expertise. We think nearly every small business […]

You’ve Created Your Content – Now Be Social with It!

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Previously on Online Friendly, we told you about some ways to update your website frequently. These days, visitors to your website can do more than just look at your pages.  Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are a powerful another way to have your website content put right where many people spend at least […]

Can you influence The Influence Project?

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The Influence Project by Fast Company is a controversial online experiment in viral marketing. The project aims to “show what happens when an individual takes an audience at rest and applies an unbalanced force–through suggestion, advice or direction–that converts it into an army of action”. The idea is to upload your picture, get an ‘influence […]

Social media for business explained – finally!

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Like many businesses, we have been thinking a great deal about social media.  Mostly trying to figure out how it relates to our business, and the business of our clients. Well, Guy Kawasaki gives the most succinct and helpful explanation of social media (as it relates to businesses) that I have found yet. It’s simple, […]