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Digging Deep to Find a Solution Groundradar is the world’s most experienced ground penetrating radar (GPR) service provider. GPR technology is used for deep mineral exploration and geotechnical applications. The company had experienced tremendous success in the field however, their track record was not being properly communicated online. Kobayashi Online dug deep to find a […]

ProPath: Insurance Made Simple

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A Better Way The intense rivalry of the insurance industry hasn’t left much room for the little guy. If smaller companies want to survive, they need to be innovative. They need to set themselves apart. But before setting yourself apart, it’s important to meet your client’s needs. Most people expect a business to have some […]


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Simeon Canada challenged Kobayashi Online to create and design a website that put the user’s experience at the forefront.  Project Info URL: Client: Simeon Canada Completed: March 2014 Since 1995, Simeon has offered leading-edge wireless technologies for assistive listening, classroom soundfield amplification, and remote sensing. Simeon® infrared, FM and digital radio-frequency remote microphones and amplification solutions have become the go-to choice in special and general education, and in […]