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Kobayashi Technology changes name to Kobayashi Online

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Wow – coming up on 16 years. Kobayashi Technology has been around for some time, and we are going stronger than ever! When I started this business, I was just a sole techie helping companies with their IT needs. Now we are a solid digital marketing firm with four full-time, and three part-time people who […]

You’ve Created Your Content – Now Be Social with It!

Posted in: Social Media

Previously on Online Friendly, we told you about some ways to update your website frequently. These days, visitors to your website can do more than just look at your pages.  Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are a powerful another way to have your website content put right where many people spend at least […]

6 Basic Search Engine Friendly Tips

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In our previous blog post about creating a successful brochure web site, we slipped in a few descriptive links to ourselves and our clients. We did this to help tell Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines what these sites are about. Doing this is part of an online marketing strategy called Search Engine Optimization […]

3 elements for successful brochure website homepages

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Very often your websites homepage is the first impression any of your customers will have of you. Like a warm smile and a strong handshake, your homepage sets the stage for how your customers think of you, and what action they will take next – will it be the one you want? Other than a […]

Kobayashi Technology on CBC – HST Savings Coming Your Way!

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Hello there, CBC came by yesterday to ask what my thoughts were about the HST as a small business owner. For us, it is a very good thing. So much so, we’re going to pass on the savings to our customers! But more on that in a bit. First: Is your eCommerce store HST ready? […]

Social media for business explained – finally!

Posted in: Social Media

Like many businesses, we have been thinking a great deal about social media.  Mostly trying to figure out how it relates to our business, and the business of our clients. Well, Guy Kawasaki gives the most succinct and helpful explanation of social media (as it relates to businesses) that I have found yet. It’s simple, […]

4 key aspects of a brochure site

Posted in: Website Goals

The first goal for many small business websites is to support existing “offline” sales efforts. One way to do this is through the creation of a “brochure site”, which could be as simple as one page with some basic information on your business. So, how does a brochure website help support your underlying business goals? In […]

Small business website goals

Posted in: Website Goals

For your website to be as successful as it can be in serving you, it needs at least one goal. Above and beyond design or content, we consider this the most important component of your website. There is no reason to have a website unless it is going to achieve a goal – and that […]