About This Website

Kobayashi.ca is a WordPress website created for and by Toronto custom WordPress design and development agency Kobayashi Online.

The website is designed to highlight Kobayashi Online’s latest activity, as well as its portfolio and services. Based on the WordPress CMS, site administrators can easily make updates and changes to any part of the site, providing flexibility and extensibility as the company’s marketing requirements change and expand.

The site also promotes Kobayashi Online’s presence on the top social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The content architecture of kobayashi.ca is governed by two types of content: regular pages and blog posts.

Regular pages are shown in the menus at the top of the screen. This menu shows parent and child pages nested according to logical hierarchies. When visiting a category page, related child pages are shown on the left side.

Images, galleries and videos can be easily added to the content from a friendly interface without HTML or programming knowledge.


The kobayashi.ca blog is the central location for the company’s social media strategy. It features regular posts on marketing and technology, as well as case studies of each new projects, and company news and updates.

All blog pages have a breadcrumb navigation developed by Kobayashi Online providing an intuitive path to the content. In addition to serving as an easy form of navigation, the breadcrumbs clearly indicate where you are on the site.


The kobayashi.ca portfolio features a hyerarchical structure, and the categorization of each project under the different technologies used during its production and the work done.

Each portfolio item comes with a case study showcasing its features, the technologies used and an image slider of before and after images.


All its content, including the sidebars and menus, is easily editable using the WordPress dashboard.

Furthermore, the site has a call to action -a database driven form- of which submissions can be accessed efortless from the backend of WordPress.


Featuring XML site maps, kobayashi.ca and its individual pages are easily found by search engines.

The site also allows visitors to share its content on more than 300 social networks and aggregators. All pages include a social media area in the header with links to the profiles of the company on each social network.

Finally, the titles and the different SEO meta tags, such as Description and Keywords, can be customized for all pages.

Plugins Used

Platform: WordPress 3.3.1

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