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The intense rivalry of the insurance industry hasn’t left much room for the little guy. If smaller companies want to survive, they need to be innovative. They need to set themselves apart. But before setting yourself apart, it’s important to meet your client’s needs. Most people expect a business to have some sort of online presence.


ProPath Insurance Solutions Inc. required a simple and functional website to complement their existing business model. Simply put, the website is intended to act like an online business card. The core function of the design is to effectively communicate the company’s approach to business in a clear and concise manner.

As such, a menu separated by angular lines allows the end user to easily access pertinent information. The angular pattern is repeated in a number of the websites core design elements. The homepage slider features images cropped in an angular format. The idea behind this theme coincides with the company itself. Pro “Path” insurance wants to guide their customers through the whole process and so, the angular element creates a visual representation of the “path”. Similarly, the new ProPath logo reinforces this theme. Designed by Heather Holbrook, the compass logo serves as another visual aid which ties it all together.


Aside from its simple yet innovative design, the website serves as a practical business tool. Prospective clients may visit the website using their mobile phones or any other mobile device. The site features a responsive design which adjusts according to the screen size. Lastly, the number of site visitors is increased with the incorporation of WordPress SEO. This plugin provides a simple, easy to use solution for optimizing the website on an ongoing basis.

Plugins Used:

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget: Adds a WYSIWYG widget based on the standard TinyMCE WordPress visual editor

Formidable: Quickly and easily create drag-and-drop forms

HG Slider: An admin interface that uses WooThemes Flexslider on the frontend. Designed for developers to easily add image rotators that their clients can easily maintain.

WordPress SEO: The first true all-in-one SEO solution for WordPress, including on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and much more.

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