Does your website have an effective call to action?

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A “call to action”, as the name suggests, tells your visitors what they should do. In the case of a website, it’s basically a message that links to a desired action. A successful CTA will help persuade visitors to take your desired action, which you should be able to determine based on your business goals. […]

How to read your site’s statistics: 6 tips

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As we wrote in a previous post, statistics are necessary to determine if your website is meeting its goals. But it’s hard to know if you’re meeting your site’s goals if you don’t know how to read the multitude of numbers and graphs provided by a service like Google Analytics. In this post, we offer […]

Healthletica Print Design & Layout

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Posters and Brochures to Support the Opening of a New Yoga Studio Given all the excitement over online advertising and Web design, it’s easy to forget the importance of beautifully designed print advertising. Kobayahsi Online created a poster and brochure to support the opening of a new Healthletica location, helping drive local interest, brand recognition, […]

Healthletica WordPress Design & Development

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A Flexible WordPress Website for a Yoga Studio Healthletica Wave is an innovative and unique yoga studio, and they needed a website to match. Under the creative direction of Finesilver Design Inc., Kobayashi Online created a website website with flexibility in mind. Based on the WordPress Content Management, Healthletica’s 20 pages are easily edited through a Web-based administrator control panel. The […]

The benefits of integrating your blog with your website

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We recently wrote about the advantages of blogging using your own domain as opposed to the URL given to you by a free service like or Blogger. If you are blogging to support your business (which we’d advise nearly every business to consider), you’ll want to go further by integrating your blog and your […]

Do you own your blog?: Owning your domain

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With the wide variety of free blogging platforms, blogging is essentially free. However, to get the impact you’re looking for, it may be worth it to blog using your own domain. In fact, it can be easy to setup and doesn’t have to be terribly expensive to get your blog on a URL that you […]