Kobayashi Technology changes name to Kobayashi Online

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Wow – coming up on 16 years. Kobayashi Technology has been around for some time, and we are going stronger than ever! When I started this business, I was just a sole techie helping companies with their IT needs. Now we are a solid digital marketing firm with four full-time, and three part-time people who […]

Hiding your prices – Don’t do it!

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Talking about money is hard, even for online business. Many times when you visit a website, it is not easy to find the prices for the offered services. You can go through three or more different windows with trials and special offers but you cannot find how much you will finally have to pay for […]

Don’t wait, start the sharing

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In July, we started a blog series on the importance that an updated website has for your business. In our first blog post about website updates, we discussed how regular updates are a great way to legitimize a small business website. We also explained ways to find website content for your visitors and how to […]